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Did you know that 14 million housing units in the US saw roaches in the last year? Another 14.8 million saw rodents in the last 12 months, and 2.9 million saw both!

Having unwanted roommates can be a pain, especially since some can be bad for your health too. Not to mention, it’ll cause you stress, fearing that you’ll see a bug or rodent just around the corner.

So the best way to combat this is to be proactive! Here are 7 signs that you need to call a pest control service pronto.

1. You Hear Strange Sounds

Maybe when it’s late at night, you’re sitting in bed reading. Then, you hear some weird scratching or pattering sounds.

As much as you want to believe that it’s a ghost haunting your house, pests are more likely the culprit. When they move into your house, they’ll get into all the nooks and crannies so you can’t find them but they can still take advantage of the shelter and food inside.

What’s troubling is that if you heard weird noises, it can be any sort of pest. It can be as small as a termite or as big as a rat!

Considering the wide range of possibilities that what pests are on your property, it’s best to call pest control so they can determine what exactly you’re dealing with.

2. You See Wood Damage

Every once in a while, you’ll want to take a walk around your house to see if there’s any wood damage, including your firewood pile if you have one. You’ll also want to check inside, paying extra attention to things like wooden beams.

One possible suspect is termites. You’ll rarely see them out in the open, but they’ll eat away at your house from the inside out. In this case, you’ll need termite control services.

Other possible suspects are mice or rats. They’ll use their sharp, long teeth to chew through wood so they can get inside. And once they’re in, they’ll gnaw on wood to keep their teeth from growing too long.

3. Your Furniture’s Damaged (and More)

On that note, some pests don’t just chew on wood. They’ll also wreck your furniture if the infestation gets bad enough.

For example, rodents will tear up the upholstery on your chairs and sofas, as well as insulation to use for nesting material. They’ll also chew through your baseboards and drywall to get to places.

If you notice interior property damage slowly happening, it’s likely that you have mice or rats living inside your home.

4. You See Dead Bugs

At the beginning of an infestation, you might not see live bugs around much, or at all. However, you might randomly spot a dead cockroach in the kitchen. If you do, then that should be cause for concern.

Before you start seeing live cockroaches or ants all around your house, you need to get pest control for roaches. As with any type of pest problem, it’s best to get it under control ASAP as soon as you notice anything wrong. Otherwise, it’ll take a lot more time, effort, and money to get rid of your pest issue.

5. You Have Unexplained Bites

Unfortunately, some pests will bite you. You might not have noticed it, but have you been itchier lately? Is there one particular spot (or several) that you keep scratching?

This might be due to bug bites! While some people barely have a reaction, others have itchiness and redness when they’re bitten by pests like bed bugs or mosquitos.

Bed bug bites usually happen after sleeping, although mosquito bites do as well. Bed bug bites will typically be more numerous while with mosquito bites, you’ll have just a few.

In either case, you might need bed bugs control or mosquito control. Again, a professional will be able to tell you what exact issue you have and can come up with a customized solution as well.

6. You Spot Droppings

Another undeniable sign of pests in your house is droppings. They’ll want to come into your home for food and shelter. And as with any living being, after they eat, pests will need to eliminate waste.

Of course, droppings can range in size, depending on what you’re dealing with. Cockroach droppings are tiny and look almost like ground coffee, whereas mouse and rat droppings are much larger and look like dark grains of rice.

7. Your Garden Plants Are Holey

Pests can infest your yard too! In fact, depending on what you’ve planted in your garden, you might just be attracting these pesky creatures to your backyard since you’re providing them with tasty snacks.

If your plants start to look damaged, or are just completely gone (such as fruits or veggies), then it’s very likely that pests are coming in and nibbling away when you’re not looking.

If You Notice These Signs, Call a Pest Control Service ASAP

Should you notice any of the above signs, you need to call a pest control service. The best pest control company will get you a prompt appointment so they can go out and inspect your property at your earliest convenience.

From there, they’ll be able to tell what pests you have, what the extent of the infestation is, and the best ways to go about eliminating them. Better yet is, the best pest control service will have a prevention plan too, so you’ll stop the pests from repeatedly coming back!

If you’re looking for pest control companies, look no further. Get in touch with us to get a quote and to schedule an appointment!

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